and the Devil himself...

and the Devil himself...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Interview With Don Miguel Ruiz

From Suite101's Astrology site:

Don Miguel Ruiz is an interesting man. The best-selling author of "The Four Agreements", along with a number of other books, is a Toltec nagual, or holy-man. His voice is quiet, unassuming yet the moment he begins he engages your attention somehow. He speaks simply, yet communicates volumes with a few words.

I was excited to discover Mr. Ruiz and his books. Most Toltec teachings were lost or distorted when the Spanish invaded. The result is we know little for certain. Now a corner of the veil of mystery that surrounds these traditions has been lifted. Mr. Ruiz not only elaborates on them but shows how they apply today.

He begins by explaining that the Toltec were not a race of people, as most consider them to be, but a group of artists and thinkers of many differnt tribes. 

"The word Toltec means artist." He said, "You are the artist of your own world. The limitations you create dissappear as soon as you become the artist you are, because, really, everything is possible. In your life, you are creating your own world.

"Then, everything is possible. The limitations you create dissppear because you realize you created them, you create your own story and it changes all the time. How it changes depends on who you're talking to, how you feel at the moment.

"What is dificult is not to understand. The difficulty is you must unlearn and understand that it is our dream of life that is difficult. It is important to begin accepting experience the way it is, then it becomes easy. When you realize that you don't have to be how everyone wants you to be you can enjoy life."

What about other Toltec traditions, I asked? For example, their astrology, which was central to their belief system, is it still significant today? Yes, he answered:

"Toltec astrology is not quite the same as the astrology people see today. We observed planetary events that took place and considered them to be very important to life on earth. It is extremely interesting. Every living being is unique. We determine individual horoscopes not only by the time that you are born, but the time at which you are concieved as well.

"At each of these times, the entire uiverse is arranged in a certain way. At that point, when your atoms are first arranged, you begin. It is the same as with the universe itself. You are the only one who is you." he continued, "You are unique not only in the present but for the entire history of humanity. This you, this combination of atoms that formed and then came into the world, arranged at these unique points in the universe will never be duplicated."

When looking at Toltec astrology, I saw that a great deal of importance was placed on 52 year cycles. In fact, much of their belief system seemed anchored on the number. Why, I asked, was 52 so important?

"Toltecs measure by the cycles of the Earth, Moon and Venus." He said, "We observed and measured these cycles and noted that the positions of these three repeat every 52 years. So, after 9 months of creation, when you are born your maturation begins and moves in cycles of 52 years.

"Communities also begin in cycles of 52 years." He continued, "When the cycle ends, they and you are destroyed and built anew. The ruins of the pyramids reflect this, they were re-built every 52 years. It is all a dream, that evolves and re-constructs."

What of Myth, I asked.

"Myth", he said, "also plays a part in Toltec teaching. At one time people believed it was the truth. But myths are just symbols, their meaning changed a lot, evolved. The human mind believed it as it evolved, which created conflicts and evil.

"People believe in so many lies that are simply not true. As we see from the many conflicts arounds us. Or when we look at the whole human drama, we see that it is because we believe lies. Hitler came to power, for example, because everyone believed his lies and then there was war."

So what, I asked, of truth then?

"The Toltecs have three levels of mastery of awareness of truth; three levels of seeing through these lies that create conflicts in our minds, lives and world.

"First, we must become aware that we are dreaming. We are dreaming all the time. When the brain is awake, we have awareness that what we percieve are projections that come from light. Reflection of light comes from everywhere to the eye; just like a movie. We see only light, light projecting objects.

"It's all very virtual reality. Like when we see a mirror, we know everything that exists inside the mirror isnot real but it looks just like outside. When we touch it, however, we touch only the surface ofthe mirror. Everything is in our eye, our brain. It is all a virtual copy.

"Yes, we are dreaming all the time. When we are sleeping, it is still a dream, but we dream from memory. In dreams we see everything we remember. When the brain is awake, we are living in present time, the matter we see is the frame of the dream. When you know you are dreaming, everything is possible and nothing has consequences. But when you are awake, there are consequences. It is all about awareness.

"Sooner or later we'll find out the majority of beliefs we have are nothing but lies. The point is to get to the place where you accept existance as it is. There is nothing you can do to change what already exists, rather, we must surrender to trying to be what we are. It is wonderful to be human, to find out the only thing we can do is experience and enjoy life as much as we can.

"You are here on a mission, that mission, and that is enough. If you try to transcend, you'll fail because it is not authentic to do so. You must be authentic. You are unique and there is no one like you. The only way to make it is to be you, not better, or worse. There is nobody better or worse than you.

"Everyone is living in their own dream, making their own story. Don't make assumptions about it. Use words to tell your own stories. Just do best what only you can do. By doing this you are truly living, experiencing, enjoying life."

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