and the Devil himself...

and the Devil himself...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Top 40 Twitter Bios, From the Famous to Should or Shall Be

1.  @SalmanRushdie In the immortal words of Popeye the Sailor Man: I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam.

2. @TheOutlawArtist I was sent here from Krpton as a baby to save...wait, my bad, that's Superman.

3. @JulietteLewis Believing is seeing. Seeing is believing. Don't stop.....!!!

4. @AmandaWhip  Fuck you.

5. @henryrollins Official Twitter for Henry Rollins. Yes, this is real.

6 @WaylonWannabe I don't think I did it that way.

7 @Ponderosa_music Some Guy Said We Sound Like A Car Wash.

8. @xintra Cultural X-ray. Bat-shark. Lame-retardant. Your ad here, $1M.

9 @tenementmuseum I'm a 5 story brick walk up, built in 1863. A museum takes care of me now (I'm lucky!)
10. Old_and_dirty  Whiskey soaked bluegrass, with a side of bacon.

11. @spankydonahue Fucking awesome
12. @johncusack  Apocalyptic shit disturber and elephant trainer.
13. @DAVID_LYNCH Filmmaker. Born Missoula, MT. Eagle Scout.

14. @bad_luck_86 Never rob a nun!

15. @peterstraubnyc My profession obliges me to enjoy solitary confinement.

16. @JustinWeinmann  Artist -- Living in my world so you don't have to.

17. @JUG_TOWN You Don't Have To Be Drunk To Listen...But It Helps!

18. @ReverendSnake  I work on street corners.

19. @Angeliska Writer - Soothsayer - Silversmith - Witch

20. @ChloeHenderson9  Loves colouring in and doesn't want to grow up.
21. @jamiekilstein Tells jokes, drops levels, reads books, doesn't eat animals. Cohost of Citizen Radio.

22.  @brainpicker  Interestingness hunter-gatherer obsessed with combinatorial creativity. Editor of & . Bylines for & . MIT Fellow.

23. @AskMuthaHubbard Bordello Artist Management, Ray Wylie's Pimp, Education......the next best thing to a record deal.
24.  @3liza  Mercenary artist, grammar vandal, angry enthusiast.

25. @JESSECHARLESII I quit carrying a pocket knife when I came to realize I could kill a man with my bare hands.

26. @ImSugarCoated I am devoted to discovering the origins of mankind. Artist,Illustrator, Designer, friend,Student, Ninja, Photo creep, hungry for adventure.

27. @coreysmithmusic Trying to figure it out.

28. @JenniWestwood Singer, Songwriter. Faster than a loose woman in a honky tonk! More powerful than a push up bra! Able to leap oily puddles in a pair of stilettos! ITS ME!
29.  OhThatNumi  Personal Twitter of the Numi Empire. OhThatNumi. Add your own punctuation and intonation to taste
30. YiannisBab  Journalist, arrogant bastard, self-proclaimed DIY hero. Views my own.

31. @everydevil_ Everydevil is a Flash Cartoon all about the Devil, his salesman Barney, and political irony.
32. @WhiteyMorgan Ain't no pop in this country Son. Flint Michigan is where my bills go and the road is my home
33. @PineBoxBoys  Horrorbilly/Alt Country-4 guys make a lot of clatter (hollerin about killing folks) that sounds vaguely 'grassy, but is mostly just noisy.
34. @leroypowell  Beard wearer. Ax murderer. Kitty cat lover.
35. @BolandDrummer  I hate pop country, the US government and Nancy Grace. I love death metal, jazz, books and my lovely family.
36. @Wildaboutmusic  I put the war in Award Show. Buy this book!
37. @ansonmount Semi-conscious. Halfway there. Partly cloudy. Mostly delusional. Total redneck.

38. @mitdasein What if Zardoz was one of us?
39. @EvilMrSod Canarian in Germany. Dark as a dungeon. Sick as a dog. This machine kills assholes. I am a demon and I love rock'n'roll.
40. @RedneckUHate Working on major in Social Work. Praying that Taylor Swift and Killswitch Engage tour together and waiting for Led Zeppelin reunion. Trailer Park Boy for life.
Five Runners Up:
1. fontgurrl  Reformed overachiever, competitive sleeper, practitioner of tomfoolery, bad ass/girly girl.
2. @Vintage_Thinker Established 1989. Crazy cat lady. Procrastinator extraordinaire. Book lover. Steampunk enthusiast and everything else you wouldn't expect. A work in progress.
3. @DavidElliott25 Welshman (1979). A bit like Superman, Spiderman & Batman. Rebellious 'Son of a...' very lovely Mum & Dad. I enjoy sports & music. I love my Fender Stratocaster
4. @jzellis Lead developer, NSFWCORP. Writer, coder, musician, futurist, cat fancier. Jerk. Sorry ladies, married. Thug liberal. Rants and swears. You've been warned.
5 @pretzelmen  DEEPER, DARKER, WEIRDER

Friday, October 5, 2012

My Favorite 2012 Fall Hair Trends

photos from and



Deep side part

Lots of Decoration


Fall Makeup Trends 2012

Black cherry lipstick and other deep, dark shades of red..
Nails follow suit, with dark shades and their polar opposite pales dominating ... french manicures continue to twist, combining beige with red tips, black with gold tips, clear with silver or black tips... otherwise, go bold or metallic.


Smoky Eyes

Multi Toned Eyes

Rosy Cheeks
and underdone skin...

Wide Cat Eyes       


Rimondi, Balmain, Etro Fall 2012 RTW

Aquilano Rimondi



Marchessa Fall 2012 RTW

 photos from