and the Devil himself...

and the Devil himself...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Photography of Julia Margaret Cameron

Today is the anniversary of Virginia Woolfe's death and, as I was reading about her, I discovered her amazing Aunt, Julia Margaret Cameron. Some of her photography:



Frances Hodgeson Burnett

Alfred Lord Tennyson


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Top Twitter Bio's for March

In no particular order - they're all awesome.

Your Host Tweeting

I paint, draw, write, tell jokes and want you to stalk me.. 

I was thinking about maybe changing my bio. 

I like people to know when I'm drinking coffee, so I joined Twitter. 

Artist. Not the unemployed kind. 

I'm fly.

A tornado disguised as a girl. 

I am the change I have been waiting for. 


Disappointing both of us. 

Free Thinker. All answers questioned here.

Thank God I'm a hot chick with superpowers. 


I like fancy book learnin'.

My life is based on a true story.

Shakes head.

Please wait for the next representative.

Known Prostitute, Lesser-Known Writer.

Fuck You.

Everything below is made up.

Born, currently living, will die.

I make things and I make things awesome. 

I write, but mostly I lay around and imagine I am a writer. I watch a lot of TV. Oh, and I cover the Chicago Wolves of the AHL for the Chicago Tribune.

But you have my stapler. 

Not drunk enough to write well. This is the best I can do sober. 

What I say goes, Nashville.

Spread my ashes on the highway, after I'm dead and gone...

I took my crazy neighbor's name since he doesn't do internet and won't know. I am here for the laughs and my wife is my partner in crime and life.

I am GidgetWidget's Cat. Sam Jackson melted me in a movie. See??? -- 

May not be Prince, but I'm pauper with potential.

I take pictures, sometimes. And am super interesting, always. 

I am the white, overweight, short, female Samuel L. Jackson of Twitter. Also, I don't act and I'm not famous or rich.

I'm just a guy who'd rather talk to the internet instead of real people.

Sometimes when I drink I get mean. When I get mean I insult people. When I insult people I do it online. When I do it online I want followers. And Twitter

I attempt more things than physically possible. Like invisibility. And I try to draw a lot. Sometimes its better than others.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Your Blog Host is Having an Outlaw Art Contest!

Enter the LL Art Contest now through April Fools Day. EVERYONE who enters will get a signed copy of their own drawing + the winning one.

The prizes are:

FIRST PLACE: I'll write a song for you on a theme of your choosing  + come to the Lonesome Liz show of your choice and drink a shot of whiskey with me on me, (if I'm not playing in your area I'll send you a shot of whiskey + make a video of your favorite song, (original or cover).

SECOND PLACE: Come to the Lonesome Liz show of your choice and drink a shot of whiskey with me on me :) If I'm not in your area, I'll send you a shot of whiskey and make a video of your favorite song, (original or cover).

THIRD PLACE:  Three shots of whiskey in bottles painted by me. (See examples of my bottle art here:

Join my Facebook page if you're not already there for photos to base your work on. Entries can be alterations of photographs, drawings, collages... anything you like!

Submit entries via Facebook or email to: Winners will be announced on April Fool's Day.

The fan art that inspired the idea:

By Charles ODonnavan

By Tony Martinez

By Orville Dunworth

More LL in art:

By Lana Gentry

As 'Faust' by Katelan Foisy

As a cartoon by James Hislope