and the Devil himself...

and the Devil himself...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Top Twitter Bio's for March

In no particular order - they're all awesome.

Your Host Tweeting

I paint, draw, write, tell jokes and want you to stalk me.. 

I was thinking about maybe changing my bio. 

I like people to know when I'm drinking coffee, so I joined Twitter. 

Artist. Not the unemployed kind. 

I'm fly.

A tornado disguised as a girl. 

I am the change I have been waiting for. 


Disappointing both of us. 

Free Thinker. All answers questioned here.

Thank God I'm a hot chick with superpowers. 


I like fancy book learnin'.

My life is based on a true story.

Shakes head.

Please wait for the next representative.

Known Prostitute, Lesser-Known Writer.

Fuck You.

Everything below is made up.

Born, currently living, will die.

I make things and I make things awesome. 

I write, but mostly I lay around and imagine I am a writer. I watch a lot of TV. Oh, and I cover the Chicago Wolves of the AHL for the Chicago Tribune.

But you have my stapler. 

Not drunk enough to write well. This is the best I can do sober. 

What I say goes, Nashville.

Spread my ashes on the highway, after I'm dead and gone...

I took my crazy neighbor's name since he doesn't do internet and won't know. I am here for the laughs and my wife is my partner in crime and life.

I am GidgetWidget's Cat. Sam Jackson melted me in a movie. See??? -- 

May not be Prince, but I'm pauper with potential.

I take pictures, sometimes. And am super interesting, always. 

I am the white, overweight, short, female Samuel L. Jackson of Twitter. Also, I don't act and I'm not famous or rich.

I'm just a guy who'd rather talk to the internet instead of real people.

Sometimes when I drink I get mean. When I get mean I insult people. When I insult people I do it online. When I do it online I want followers. And Twitter

I attempt more things than physically possible. Like invisibility. And I try to draw a lot. Sometimes its better than others.

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