and the Devil himself...

and the Devil himself...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Top 40 Twitter Bios, From the Famous to Should or Shall Be

1.  @SalmanRushdie In the immortal words of Popeye the Sailor Man: I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam.

2. @TheOutlawArtist I was sent here from Krpton as a baby to save...wait, my bad, that's Superman.

3. @JulietteLewis Believing is seeing. Seeing is believing. Don't stop.....!!!

4. @AmandaWhip  Fuck you.

5. @henryrollins Official Twitter for Henry Rollins. Yes, this is real.

6 @WaylonWannabe I don't think I did it that way.

7 @Ponderosa_music Some Guy Said We Sound Like A Car Wash.

8. @xintra Cultural X-ray. Bat-shark. Lame-retardant. Your ad here, $1M.

9 @tenementmuseum I'm a 5 story brick walk up, built in 1863. A museum takes care of me now (I'm lucky!)
10. Old_and_dirty  Whiskey soaked bluegrass, with a side of bacon.

11. @spankydonahue Fucking awesome
12. @johncusack  Apocalyptic shit disturber and elephant trainer.
13. @DAVID_LYNCH Filmmaker. Born Missoula, MT. Eagle Scout.

14. @bad_luck_86 Never rob a nun!

15. @peterstraubnyc My profession obliges me to enjoy solitary confinement.

16. @JustinWeinmann  Artist -- Living in my world so you don't have to.

17. @JUG_TOWN You Don't Have To Be Drunk To Listen...But It Helps!

18. @ReverendSnake  I work on street corners.

19. @Angeliska Writer - Soothsayer - Silversmith - Witch

20. @ChloeHenderson9  Loves colouring in and doesn't want to grow up.
21. @jamiekilstein Tells jokes, drops levels, reads books, doesn't eat animals. Cohost of Citizen Radio.

22.  @brainpicker  Interestingness hunter-gatherer obsessed with combinatorial creativity. Editor of & . Bylines for & . MIT Fellow.

23. @AskMuthaHubbard Bordello Artist Management, Ray Wylie's Pimp, Education......the next best thing to a record deal.
24.  @3liza  Mercenary artist, grammar vandal, angry enthusiast.

25. @JESSECHARLESII I quit carrying a pocket knife when I came to realize I could kill a man with my bare hands.

26. @ImSugarCoated I am devoted to discovering the origins of mankind. Artist,Illustrator, Designer, friend,Student, Ninja, Photo creep, hungry for adventure.

27. @coreysmithmusic Trying to figure it out.

28. @JenniWestwood Singer, Songwriter. Faster than a loose woman in a honky tonk! More powerful than a push up bra! Able to leap oily puddles in a pair of stilettos! ITS ME!
29.  OhThatNumi  Personal Twitter of the Numi Empire. OhThatNumi. Add your own punctuation and intonation to taste
30. YiannisBab  Journalist, arrogant bastard, self-proclaimed DIY hero. Views my own.

31. @everydevil_ Everydevil is a Flash Cartoon all about the Devil, his salesman Barney, and political irony.
32. @WhiteyMorgan Ain't no pop in this country Son. Flint Michigan is where my bills go and the road is my home
33. @PineBoxBoys  Horrorbilly/Alt Country-4 guys make a lot of clatter (hollerin about killing folks) that sounds vaguely 'grassy, but is mostly just noisy.
34. @leroypowell  Beard wearer. Ax murderer. Kitty cat lover.
35. @BolandDrummer  I hate pop country, the US government and Nancy Grace. I love death metal, jazz, books and my lovely family.
36. @Wildaboutmusic  I put the war in Award Show. Buy this book!
37. @ansonmount Semi-conscious. Halfway there. Partly cloudy. Mostly delusional. Total redneck.

38. @mitdasein What if Zardoz was one of us?
39. @EvilMrSod Canarian in Germany. Dark as a dungeon. Sick as a dog. This machine kills assholes. I am a demon and I love rock'n'roll.
40. @RedneckUHate Working on major in Social Work. Praying that Taylor Swift and Killswitch Engage tour together and waiting for Led Zeppelin reunion. Trailer Park Boy for life.
Five Runners Up:
1. fontgurrl  Reformed overachiever, competitive sleeper, practitioner of tomfoolery, bad ass/girly girl.
2. @Vintage_Thinker Established 1989. Crazy cat lady. Procrastinator extraordinaire. Book lover. Steampunk enthusiast and everything else you wouldn't expect. A work in progress.
3. @DavidElliott25 Welshman (1979). A bit like Superman, Spiderman & Batman. Rebellious 'Son of a...' very lovely Mum & Dad. I enjoy sports & music. I love my Fender Stratocaster
4. @jzellis Lead developer, NSFWCORP. Writer, coder, musician, futurist, cat fancier. Jerk. Sorry ladies, married. Thug liberal. Rants and swears. You've been warned.
5 @pretzelmen  DEEPER, DARKER, WEIRDER

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