and the Devil himself...

and the Devil himself...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Native American Moon Names

Native Americans named each recurring full Moon and the month it occurred in.  These are Algonquin names; other names were sometimes used and/or they could be interchangeable to a degree but these are my favorites:

• January - Full Wolf Moon, named for the howling of hungry wolves in winter. 

• February - Full Snow Moon, named for the extreme weather that often occurred at this time. 

• March - Full Crow Moon, named for the crow calls that herald the end of winter. 

• April - Full Egg Moon, named for the new life that comes with Spring.

• May - Full Flower Moon, named for May's abundant blossoms. 

• June - Full Strawberry Moon, named for the short strawberry harvesting season. 

• July - Full Thunder Moon, named for July's frequent storms. 

• August - Full Red Moon, named for the reddish tint the sun takes on in hot, hazy weather.

• September - Full Corn Moon, named for the ripe corn.

• October - Full Harvest Moon, the time for gathering the primary staples of the Native American diet

• November - Full Frosty Moon, the time to actively prepare for winter.

• December - The Full Cold Moon, named for the long, chill nights.

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