and the Devil himself...

and the Devil himself...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Big Nose Kate on Johnny Ringo

From one of her letters:

"Ringo was a fine man any way you look at him. Physically, intellectually, morally," wrote Kate. "He was six feet tall, rather slim in build, although broad-shouldered, medium fair as to complexion with gray-blue eyes and light brown hair. His face was somewhat long.

"He was what might be called an attractive man. His attitude toward all women was gentlemanly. He must have been a gentleman born. Sometimes I noticed something wistful about him, as if his thoughts were far away on something sad. He would say, `Oh, well,' and sigh. Then he would smile, but his smiles were always sad. There was something in his life that only he, himself, knew about....

"He was always neat, clean, well dressed, showed that he took good care of himself. He never boasted of his deeds, good or bad, a trait I have always liked in men. John ... was a loyal friend. And he was noble, for he never fought anyone except face to face. Every time I think of him, my eyes fill with tears."

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