and the Devil himself...

and the Devil himself...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Conversations With Bob Masse - Psychedelic Art as Pop Dada

I have had the pleasure of talking with some really amazing artists over the past few weeks while working on a feature for Fine Art Magazine; Michael Motorcycle, Wes Freed Rob Arthur and the legendary Bob Masse. Though all are brilliant and fascinating to talk with, I think Mr. Masse is my favorite. He is as colorful and as lyric as his paintings. 

And wait till you hear what he had to say about the Grateful Dead in Haight Ashbury, Psychedelic Poster Art as a movement and life as an artist in the thick of the 60s from San Francisco to the Whiskey a Go-Go with a lot of stops in between. His work has evolved alongside and been inspired by the most ground-breaking American music, from the Beat scene in the 50s to today.

I was so surprised to discover 5 posters from him in the mail! One is above, check my TwitPics for the others. I wish I had a time machine so that I could tell my college self, (most often found zoning out on my Grateful Dead Haight Ashbury poster), that I'll talk to him in a few years. I doubt I'd believe me though. Well, maybe I would if I showed myself the posters, lol.
While looking at the art  that was going on in NY at the same time Psychedelic artists were decorating the streets of San Francisco, I developed a whole new appreciation for Jasper Johns, who's still working at 80:  Jasper Johns at the Matthew Marks Gallery

Untitled, 2008

Target, 1958:

More soon... all of this has made me hungry!

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