and the Devil himself...

and the Devil himself...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bob Weir Held at Canadian Border

Michael O'Neill and Bob Weir

Here's how I'm thinking the conversation that led to Weir's detention went:

Canadian Official: We don't want those damn Deadheads here, they cause all sorts of trouble.

Smart person helping Official think: Well, the thing to do would be to get someone highly visible for something when they try to cross the border. It would set an example, let everyone know that if you have old charges, a criminal record, you know... that sort of thing, we will find and detain you. 

Hey! Bob Weir and Ratdog are coming - lets hassle him, it'll be all over the American press.

That should keep the ones most likely to start trouble out. It would also let the rest of them know we're serious about keeping drugs and crime, (not to mention Deadheads), out of Canada.

Canadian Official takes all credit for idea and orders the detention of Bob Weir.

I doubt, however, that it was that calculated.

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