and the Devil himself...

and the Devil himself...

Friday, November 5, 2010

How to Tell Fortunes With Dice

Ancient Roman Dice
Divination with dice is one of the oldest methods known and originally, readings were done with knucklebones, (the reason dies have 4 sides). Dice predictions are said to come true within 9 days.

Yes/No Questions (One die) An even number is yes, an odd number no.

Readings With Three Dice

Draw a circle. Throw three dice, one at a time; casting into the circle three times. The first cast represents the situation in general, the second career and finance, the third relationships. 

Meanings of dice that fall outside of the circle:

One die - difficulties. 
Two dice - arguments. 
Three dice - luck. 
Dice on the floor - problems, worries.
Dice landing on top of one another - important gifts. 

In each cast, the first die represents:

6 - Secrets, good and ill omens. 
5 - Determination, ambition. 
4 -Luck, joy.
3 - Messages, journies, searching. 
2 - Death, transformation.
1 - Complications, things aren't as they appear. 

The second die represents:

6 - The unexpected, change of direction, strangers. 
5 - Family, home. 
4 - Treachery, lies, arguments, death. 
3 - Love, passion. 
2 - Birth, new ideas.  
1 -Success, power.

The third die represents:

6 - Good luck with money and property. 
5 - Entertainment, celebration.   
4 - Opportunities, new doors opening, solutions to old problems. 
3 - Promotion, acomplishing things that are meaningful to you. 
2 - Rapid action, destruction, be more careful.  
1 - Think things through, lay low.

Casting then adding the sum of all three together:

3 - A happy surprise.
4 - Dissatisfaction.
5 - Getting what you want.
6- Obstacles, particularly in your career.
7 - Rumors, people getting in your way.
8 - Situations affected by people outside of them.
9 - Return of love.
10 - Beginnings. 
11 - Leaving someone you love. 
12 - Good news.
13 - Sad developments.
14- New friends, help from others. 
15 - Beware of false promises. 
16 - Travel. 
17 - A change in plans.
18 - Success.

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