and the Devil himself...

and the Devil himself...

Friday, November 5, 2010

How to Make Hex Signs

The origin of  the word 'Hex', to describe these often brightly painted signs is of disputed origin. Some claim it's root is the German "Hexe"/Dutch "Heks", which means witch. Some claim that it derived instead from the word "sechs", which means six. They are believed to have originated in the practice of painting runes on buildings in Europe. Hex signs also believed to be derived in part from Frakturs, documents used to keep track of family histories that were decorated with many symbols found in the signs today, like tulips and birds.

Hex signs adorned not only barns but birth certificates, gravestones, furniture, pottery and textiles.  Each design a sort of painted prayer, with the intent of bringing the ideas expressed in them from the spiritual into the physical realm. In general, they were thought to keep away bad spirits and brought good luck, particularly for crops and livestock. It was common practice to say a blessing over the Hex sign after it was painted.


Some Common Hex Designs:
Rosette: to keep away bad luck and evil.

Eight Pointed Star: goodwill.

Double Eagle: strength and courage.

Daddy Hex: double luck - an outer Rosette with 12 petals, smaller for added luck at difficult times.

Triple Star: good luck and happiness.

Tree of Life: love, happiness, God's abundance.

Daddy Hex

Some Symbols and Meanings in Hex Signs: 

Birds of Paradise - the deep beauty and profound wonder of life.

Circle - eternity.

Crescent Moon- the seasons.

Distelfink - luck, joy; 2 crossing one another, friendship; 2 double luck.

Doves - friendship, peace, joy

Eagle - strength, bravery, clarity 

Heart - love from God, the source of all love; lace around the heart represents marital love

Horse Head - (in a star) protection from lightening, protection of livestock

Maple Leaf - contentment

Oak Leaf - endurance

Pineapple - welcome

Raindrops - abundance, fertility

Scallops - ocean waves, smooth sailing 

Stars -in general good luck, hope, love, peace, energy, 4 points - bright days, 5 points - protection against fire and lightning, protection for animals, 8 points - (most often blue) good omens, light, protection.

Sun Wheel - fertility

Tulips- 3 represent the Trinity and faith, hope, charity; trust in both yourself and your fellow man

Wheat - abundance

Triple Star

Colors and Meanings

Black - protection, binding symbols together

Blue - protection, peace, spiritual strength

Brown - earth, friendship, strength; a brown ring, as above, represents the cycle of life

Green - success, ideas 

Orange - abundance in things that have been lacking

Red - passion, creativity

Violet - indicates things that are held sacred

White - purity, the moon

Yellow - health, connection to God

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