and the Devil himself...

and the Devil himself...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Outlaw Caves and Other Roadside Attractions

First we stumbled upon a now-defunct and utterly amusing miniature golf course - Joe's Diner and 50s miniature golf features this eager to be consumed  hot dog was just one of a number of wonders - dancing fries, burgers, ice cream cones and a girl on skates with a car overhead are on their way as soon as I dowload them from my phone.

What I didn't know was that an even odder, but closed, course was near by - Golfgotha! (Well, it's not called that but it would have been a good title for the Biblical ballery - Golgotha. It's a shame they were closed. I'm not normally a fan of the whole put-put thing but these would have been entertaining. Can still be seen at 3162 Mammoth Cave Rd.

Another vintage hi-light were antique coin operated horses, (and one covered wagon). I rode one a lot like the one above and I tell you, they don't make them like that now. It bucked and bolted enough to throw a small child - I had to hold on to the reins.

Inside The Olde General Store, nestled among every odd thing you can think of - from vintage PBR cans and cool metal signs to cow skulls and an infinite array of stones was an assortment of Briar Patch goats milk soap, featuring unusual scents like muscadine and kudzu blossom.

Frank and Jesse James

Last but not least - and hopefully to be revisited Friday - the Outlaw Cave, where Jesse James hid out and a stop at the Jesse James riding stables below. (Links in my previous blog.) 

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