and the Devil himself...

and the Devil himself...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Quotes from Your Host

"You're living a Quintin Terrantino movie, Liz. You really are." - Sylvia Payne

I start most mornings with Alfred Hitchcock and a mile walk. This keeps me morbid of mind but not body.

Most things are improved by tap dancers and a gospel choir.

I'm going outside to see if I can hail the tornado, you know, like a cab...

You don't know how far out you're going till you get there. 

I can't find my bottle of Give a Damn.

Never mind my jaded past, I'm looking forward to my jaded future.

Being poor is expensive and time consuming.

I'm going to have to kick my guitar out of bed. This could get ugly.

I think I've got Outlaw Lag. It’s like jet leg but only happens to highwaymen.

Watch out... I've got a banjo and I'm not afraid to use it.

All kites need tails. Otherwise, they just drift in the wind.

I need a 'Not to Do List'.

Holding my tongue but boy oh boy are my hands getting tired.

It’s hotter ‘n Hell in Macon GA right now. Feels like the Devil’s been dancing on the sidewalks…

Today has already been just a bit too Woody Guthrie. Even for me. Seriously.

Watching them run was like watching the spirit of the wind twined with some of the best parts of the spirit of the South. The parts full of roses and magnolias and ladies in hats with white gloves. And, more importantly, with really good bourbon being given the reverence it deserves. -- from Hunter S. Thompson and the Kentucky Derby at Outlaw Magazine.

 I most enjoy writing about the adventures of ghosts and cowboys. Ghosts who are cowboys get special attention.

I'm not sure where my last nerve went. It snapped in half about 10 minutes ago I think ... when someone got on it.

Go!!! There are awesome things waiting for you.

I dreamt that I went back in time to my room at 8 years old...
and could read things, open things, it was extremely real… and I had the certain sense that nothing ever really goes away, we never lose anything or anyone. It’s all still there somewhere.

That should have been 'day'... should it have been 'epiphany's'? Too early in the am to spell or think beynd monkees, trains and gypsy's.

I got lost in the Seleucid Empire yesterday. If only it had been by time machine rather than timeline!

it's like all of a sudden you see things really clearly. And you're not seeing what you expected to see.

The winds of karma are blowing pretty hard today... I wonder how that'll turn out?

I'm eating a box of granola that says 'fits your daily adventure' and I can't stop eating it. My daily adventure's more than one box.

Careful witch bridges you burn.

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