and the Devil himself...

and the Devil himself...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Town Behind the Land of the Outlaw Amish: Photos by James Neighbors

My friend and fellow actor James Neighbors has taken these remarkable photos of the quaint little place I live in. He even took one of me writing...

We have a little square:

with a fountain...

and statues:

We have frescoes and reliefs:

and not only  ivy covered houses:

but a log cabin:

Jesse James hid out not in the cabin, as might be expected, but in a cave just up the road:

There is another fountain

atop a scenic and historic hill. It has a panoramic vista:

The vista is in front of this amazing auditorium, (I stage managed a play Jim was in here):

We have a marvelous clock that chimes:

and an antique Railpark, (with baggage unclaimed for a century), 
where I sang songs and read The Elves and  the Shoemaker for children,
including not Amish but Mennonites, at Christmas time:

The square is filled with cute little shops and another chiming clock:

and one uber-uber cool hip store:

Sometimes vicious storms attack us:

Sometimes we drink coffee:

sometimes we find ourselves pastry-less:

I am occasionally caught writing in public:

...and magnolias. We have lots of magnolias.


  1. Thanks for furthering my (somewhat dubious) reputation as a renegade photographer! Hope everyone likes the photos here, and if you like these, I have loads more on my Facebook page. Cheers!

  2. Photos are of Bowling Green, Kentucky - thank you James for having such a cool idea and for being so talented!

  3. No prob, Liz! I also have another photo project in the works, one of places close to home, but off the beaten path. It's also on my Facebook, for anyone who cares to sneak a peek.

  4. Great pics james, keep up the great work, I need to do some of Franklin, KY.
    Your friend,
    Scott Lonewolf Cleveland

  5. These are great. Nice tour of our town and very thankful to see our store (Labold and Sons @ Spot Cash) thrown into the mix. Nice work guys!