and the Devil himself...

and the Devil himself...

Monday, November 7, 2011

I Dressed Up for Rock and Roll - Top 30 Things Said by Pre-Schoolers

Amazing statements made by Pre-Schoolers from Twitter's @preschoolgems ...

1. Once upon a time there was a castle with a big beautiful storm inside.

2. This is a sea otter; do what he does and you'll be cool like him.

3. Mother carry me, back to the screaming sea.

4. You live in my brain even when I'm not at school.

5. Somebody hit my feelings.

6. RAWR, I'm fiercing back!

7. I CAN find my angry but I CAN’T find my fun.

8. Where is me?

9. I want to bring a bubble home!

10. I hear something... I think it's the earth.

11. I'm transforming my brain into a different brain.

12. I dressed up for rock and roll.

13. Raisins are psychotic.

14. If people could put rainbows in zoos, they'd do it.

15.  Is it tomorrow today?

16.  I just really need to be Darth Vader right now.

17. He's trying to get at us with madness.

18. Rocks have faces for real.

19. My heart feels like black paint.

20. Watch out, I'm gonna get some dinner from the sky!

21. Is today a long time?

22. There's a stranger in my face.

23. We will become evil and the stars will come alive.

24. The ghost and the werewolf on either side of me are actually really nice!

25. And no one ever stopped screaming
26. My country is right in my pocket.

27. I came here magic.

28. Leprechauns are kind of like scientists.

29. Lots of kids can see invisible stuff.

30. The people on TV are in charge of the snow.

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