and the Devil himself...

and the Devil himself...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Writer Gala Darling has a marvelous idea - Things I Love Thursday

"The more we focus on the fabulous, the more of it we get." - G.D.

Here is hers for this week: Gala Darling's Marvelous Blog

My list of things that I love this week:

* Starting a dream journal. I've practiced lucid dreaming off and on over the years, sometimes meaning to, sometimes not. I've decided to return to it and step one is keeping a dream journal. It's been fascinating! Top ten images from my dreams this week: at The Conjure Woman's Corner

* The bike a friend loaned me! Now if I can just get on the bike, lol.

* Exploring Evergreen Cemetery - overgrown with wild roses, honeysuckle and berries, it's like walking through a forgotten world.

* Not finding ANY tics after exploring Evergreen Cemetery.

More things I love this Thursday...

Moroccan oil * indigo nailpolish overlaid with sparkles * cupcakes * pink heels and polka dots from Julie * X-Files re-runs * sun tea * flowers blooming * learning Trapeze Swinger' * afternoon thunderstorms * dancing around the kitchen to Dr. John * video chats with Charlie * seeing friends I haven't seen in far too long * music and tarot feedback from friends and fans * my guitar * learning 'Sunshine in a Bag' * drawing * e-mails from amazing people * braids * hoop earings * Tweepi, it revolutionized my Twitter page in a night * finding my evil eye pendant, again * funky t-shirts * getting other people's perspective * my brother Russ * Scarlatti's Kara Clark photos * Beth Hommel's Molly Crabapple photos * Beth Hommel's Lonesome Liz & Katelan Foisy photos * chats with Katelan Foisy and Sylvia Payne *

" There are always flowers for those who want to see them." - Henri Mattise  


  1. Love your RWE quote...

    Maria xx

  2. Thank you so much! I think I must make a habit of doing it :)

  3. indigo nailpolish overlaid with sparkles! sounds divine! My favourite nail colour is an indigo (well actually a vivid cornflower) kinda colour from Australian company Kit Cosmetics.. it's called 'Dive In'!

  4. Oooo vivid cornflower sounds awesome! I'm going to have to find it.