and the Devil himself...

and the Devil himself...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Southern Gothic Perception Goes North, Lonesome Liz in NYC Trip 2

Liz & Katelan at the Chelsea Hotel

1.   Dr. Sketchy's tribute to Cynthia Von Buhler followed by a fabulous get together hosted by the lady of honor. (We later discovered the room was built where Nancy Spungen's had been!) There Cynthia's magical doves munched birdseed on the mantel while we ate fabulous donuts with Sketchy's mastermind, Molly Crabapple, (donuts provided by the talented Fred Harper).

2. Tarot with the ever brilliant Katelan Foisy, extraordinary musician, Kai Altair, (who played later in the week with the also exquisite Gabby Young - Circus Swing, you'll love it) and Larisa Fuchs of Gemini and Scorpio productions.

3. Having a whiskey party with Katelan and fellow poetry/photo conspirator, Mike Lala to celebrate their being featured in Italian GQ.

4. Visiting the talented Beth Hommel, (who works with the epic Amanda Palmer),  who not only took fabulous photos of Katelan but included me in a few as well with very cool graffiti in the background.

5. Reading tarot at Susan Gardner's unspeakably fun Sugar Shack Burlesque show in Katelan's circus skirt, (pictured), created by Julie Schworm.

6. Changing trains in a torrential Santeria rain after visiting with her God family at a Tambor in East Ny. (For more about Santeria, check out her Godfather Ochani Lele's books/my interviews with him at The Conjure Woman's Corner).

7. Telling Cab Calloway's grandson's fortune after he observed that Katelan's apartment reminded him of Josephine Baker's place in Paris.

8. Seeing Hubert Sumlin, Howling Wolf's guitar player, perform.

9. Inspiring Manhattan bar patron's to put 'The Gambler' on the jukebox, (Katelan balanced it out with Sex Pistols).

10. Repeated champagne, cake and dance parties with Katelan's fabulous room-mate, Shannon Moran, creative director of Freshly Inked Magazine

To  Be Continued...

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